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Approved by the Council: May 19, 2015

Announced to the Association: June 1, 2015



In addition to the general purposes identified in the Constitution, the Association is organized for the following purposes:

(a) To facilitate continuing contributions by members to scholarly and other educational and professional objectives;

(b) To encourage activities that support both the University and the Stillwater community through volunteer services;

(c) To provide a means for continuing educational and professional growth and social activities of Association members;

(d) To sponsor programs and activities relating to the interests and well-being of the membership;

(e) To educate the public about the specific concerns of University retirees and other retired persons;

(f) To communicate on behalf of OSU retirees with the University, the government, and other entities that might affect the welfare of retired persons;

 (g) To work for the improvement of the retirement programs of Oklahoma State University.



Annual membership dues are paid to the Treasurer, deposited with a Council-approved financial institution and used for the benefit and operation of the Association. Lifetime membership dues are paid to the Treasurer, deposited with a Council-approved financial institution in a separate interest bearing account with proceeds available for use by the Association.



Section 1. Standing committees of the Association are Ambassadors/Alumni Relations, Benefits, Catering and Reservations, Communications, Facilities, Finance, Interest Groups, Meet and Greet, Membership, Monthly Programs, Nominating, and Tours and Travel Committees.


Section 2. The President shall be responsible for the on-going activities of the Emeriti Council. The President shall appoint chairs for the Ambassadors/Alumni Relations, Communications, and Finance Committees.


The President may appoint ad hoc committees as deemed necessary.AD HOC Committees include the Constitution/Bylaws/Policies and Procedures and Financial Review Committees and others as deemed necessary.


Section 3. The President-Elect shall appoint chairs for the Benefits, Facilities, and Membership committees. The chairs, in consultation with the President-Elect, shall appoint members to the committees.


Section 4. The Past President shall serve as chair of the Nominating Committee. The council is responsible for identifying Association members to serve on the Nominating Committee. The committee shall consist of the past president and four Association members.


Section 5. The Vice-president for Activities shall be responsible for coordinating events. The Vice-president appoints chairs and presides over monthly meetings of the Activities group. The activities group consists of the chairs of the Catering and Reservations, Interest Groups, Meet and Greet, Monthly Programs, and Tours and Travel committees. The chairs, in consultation with the Vice President, shall appoint members to these committees.


Section 6. The President designates the Association Historian.



Section 1. The Emeriti Council shall maintain affiliation with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at OSU (OLLI at OSU). The President shall make this appointment with advice of Council.


Section 2. The Emeriti Association shall maintain membership in the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE). The Emeriti Representative to AROHE shall make reports to the Council and general body of the Emeriti Association. The official communication link between AROHE and the Emeriti Association shall be the President-Elect.


Section 3. There shall be a written agreement between the OSU Emeriti Association and the OSU Alumni Association regarding usage of equipment and facilities in the Alumni building. The Emeriti Representative(s) to the Alumni Association shall make reports to the Council and general body of the Emeriti Association. The official communication link between the Alumni Association and the Emeriti Association shall be the President.


Section 4. The President shall be responsible for appointing Association representatives to Faculty Council committees. The President makes recommendations to University boards and committees.



Section 1. The fiscal year of the Association is January 1 through December 31. An annual financial review of the financial records of the Association shall be made following the end of the fiscal year. A written report of the financial review committee shall be given to Council members as soon as it is completed each year.


Section 2. At the first regular Council meeting of the fiscal year, the Finance Committee shall present a proposed annual budget for approval.



Section 1. The Bylaws of the Association may be amended by a simple majority vote of the Council. Before considering any amendment to the Bylaws, the President shall send a notice of the meeting and proposed amendments to each Council member not less than one week and not more than thirty days prior to the Council meeting. Changes in the terms of the proposed amendment, but confined strictly to the same subject matter, may be made at the Council meeting by a majority vote.


Section 2. Any Bylaws change so made shall be announced to the membership and shall become effective thirty days after such notification. If a petition asking for reconsideration of the amendment is signed by at least twenty members of the Association and is received by the Secretary within the thirty-day grace period, the amendment shall not become effective without approval by a simple majority of the Association voting at a business meeting.



In the event that the Association is disbanded, any financial resources of the Association that exist after all outstanding bills are paid shall be transferred to the OSU Foundation to be used for the advancement of the academic mission of Oklahoma State University.



Section 1. Persons who may be indemnified by the Association are:

(a) any present or former member of the Council or Officer of the Association;

(b) any person serving at the Association’s request as an Officer, Councilor, trustee, employee, agent or similar functionary; and

(c) any person nominated or designated by the Council or any committee thereof to serve in any of the capacities referred to in the Constitution and Bylaws.


Section 2. The Association may, as determined by the Council of the Association, indemnify and advance expenses to an Officer, Councilor, employee, or agent to the maximum extent permitted by and in accordance with the Indemnification Section as provided by Section 1031, Title 18, of the Oklahoma Statutes annotated as it exists on the date hereof or as it may hereafter be amended.

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